Belmont needs a Selectman who knows how to listen, compromise and offer best-practice solutions that are based on experience. It needs a Selectman who knows how to balance the needs of the town with the ability of Belmont’s citizens to pay for them. With ten years as Belmont’s representative to the MWRA, two terms as a Watertown Selectman and four terms as a member of the Watertown School Committee, I am that person.

“You campaign in poetry. You govern in prose.”
Mario Cuomo, 1985

“I will both campaign and govern in prose.”
Guy Carbone, 2017


I am passionate about wise construction. A civil engineer and attorney, I have the technical expertise to investigate progress at both the Royal and Cushing Village, identify potential concerns and flaws and recommend solutions. I want to expand the adoption of solar energy and electric vehicles.

Years of experience working with town government and negotiating on behalf of clients means that I have the ability to deal with the disconnect between residents in this town of homes effectively. I can relate to the concerns that many Belmont residents – homeowners, renters, families and seniors –  have about their future.

A 30-year resident of Belmont, I have the time to devote to the numerous issues facing Belmont.  I am ready to dedicate my time, experience, background, education and resources to being your new Selectman.

Please share your concerns with me! I welcome your engagement throughout my campaign and, if I am fortunate enough to become your Selectman, throughout my service to you.


Guy A. Carbone