Belmont – A Green Community

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I support strategies that let neighborhoods adopt more efficient and eco-friendly ways of living; an eco-friendly community is only as strong as its residents.  Thus, I will preserve Belmont’s undeveloped land and increase recreational space for all generations.  I will help to set policies that encourage more homeowners and residents to adopt “green technology” such as solar energy and electric cars.  

For example, at present, the net-metering provisions in effect in Belmont do not offset the investment into solar panels as compared to rates adopted by other Massachusetts communities.  To encourage adoption of solar energy, we must make conversions from fossil fuel to solar energy as financially rewarding as such programs in other communities.  I advocate the adoption of solar energy either as a supplement or as a total conversion, depending upon the needs and resources of individual property owners.

I will encourage and work with the Office of Community Development, town committees, Belmont businesses and population centers such as Cushing Village to encourage all parking garages and parking lots in Belmont to include facilities for charging batteries in electric cars.  Expanding the availability beyond that which is planned for Belmont Center is desirable.

As Belmont enters a period of construction for a new High School, DPW Facility, Police Station, Library, and other capital projects, plans must include leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEEDS). Finally, air pollution caused by motor vehicles during commuting hours, especially in Belmont Center, is a problem which will take time to remediate.  All of these issues will be at the center of my decisions as your Selectman.

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