Downstream Pollution

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The issue of polluting local streams with sewage involves combined sewer overflows (CSO).  Belmont has made enormous progress in this area by identifying and separating storm drainage from sewers.  If, in fact, there are remaining CSOs in Belmont, I will cooperate with the Public Works Department and the Town Engineer to remediate those overflows.

CSOs are not the only cause of storm water pollution.  Storm water pollution issues also occur as a result of runoff from fertilized lawns, gardens, landscape, illegal sewer connections, etc.  Any single runoff or any combination can cause backup.  Backup leaks into storm water systems, causing downstream contamination.  In conjunction with the Planning and Zoning Boards and other Boards and Committees, including Sustainable Belmont and Mothers Out Front fighting for a safe and healthy climate for all children, I will extend my best efforts to limit contamination and educate residents about downstream impacts to our own neighborhoods as well as surrounding communities.

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