Royal Belmont (Uplands) Flooding Risk

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It is very important that storm water and drainage be managed properly.  Because of this I have reviewed the design of the subsurface storm water storage and disposal system in the Royal Belmont complex in the Uplands.

The majority of the system consists of large, subsurface interconnected cisterns which store water.  When surcharged, excess water is released into the surrounding wetlands.  In my professional opinion, the design appears to be more than adequate for its intended purpose.  Exceptions could occur if there are: (1) severe storms which will probably occur only once in 100 years; or (2) extreme conditions where flooding may reach the adjacent pond during storms exceeding the  100 year storm levels.  Despite these possibilities, I believe that the engineers’ design for the control of storm water will protect the surrounding residences and buildings providing it is faithfully followed during construction.

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