Why am I backing Guy Carbone for Selectman?

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Guy has the precise experience, listening skills and honesty that Belmont needs now.

  • He is a registered professional engineer, renowned lawyer, U.S. Army Command & General Staff College graduate and retired Colonel in the Corps of Engineers. As Colonel, his staff relied on his engineering experience and decision-making skills, resulting in enduring Corps projects.
  • With three MIT under- and post-graduate degrees and a Suffolk Law degree (JD), his law practice focuses on architecture/engineering/construction; he speaks and understands the language of all those areas.

When Belmont’s new fire stations were involved in a lawsuit as a result of leaks, Guy found a solution after he had identified a contractual non-compliance issue caused not by his client, but by a different sub-contractor.  Guy’s actions saved Belmont $1 million.    

As the Chief Engineer of the McCormick State Building, Guy returned $5M to the Commonwealth — a credit to his impeccable fiscal management and leadership.

The other candidate led the fight for the $4.5 million override in 2015, which came on the heels of funding a $5 million pool and a $3 million Belmont Center beautification project. He touts his success on the Underwood Pool despite the fact that it went $400,000 over budget, was delayed in opening and then closed for safety issues. This is something you should strongly consider.

Guy is a proponent of Green Communities.  He believes in solar and electric vehicles.  He champions clean water and was a major influence behind Gov. Weld’s famous jump into the clean Charles River.  Guy sees our parks and fields as necessities to keep our community active; his affinity for youth and athletics was demonstrated when he served Watertown as Selectman and as a member of the School Committee.

When you think about the effect of increasing property taxes as a result of much-needed capital projects ahead, isn’t it Guy you want at the helm? I ask you to vote for Guy Carbone — brilliant and strong, yet humble and respectful — as Selectman for all of Belmont.

Erin Lubien

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